When it comes to sustainability, a strong focus on environment and education has kept us on track. We believe that community involvement must go back to roots, and that’s why many of our projects are conducted in partnership with local organizations already carrying out sustainable, successful programmes in these communities. With their expertise, and our commitment to long term partnerships and real change, the possibilities are many.

On the environment side, we have established multiple metrics to measure our carbon footprint and have a dedicated team driving change and better practices among our offices. We believe in leading by example and make it our mission to define initiatives that make us do just that. In Sri Lanka, EFL operates the country’s first and only LEED Gold awarded warehouse and was the first logistics company in Asia to be awarded a CarbonNeutral Certification.


"AlorPothe", meaning 'Towards the Light' is an EFL Bangladesh initiated school project in partnership with Sanjog Bangladesh. This education facility for underprivileged children provides funding and other necessary support to two schools currently managed by Sanjog Bangladesh. The programme empowers child mentors from the community, fostering their leadership skills to work with juniors in addressing problems faced by children from underprivileged communities.

The programme focusses on: basic and functional literacy, life skills education, recreation and co-curricular activities, reproductive healthcare and hygiene education, livelihood support to mothers and children and strengthening youth leadership capacity.


The Thiruvallur Ethical Education Service in Tamil Nadu, India aims to provide ethics-based quality education to underprivileged children entirely free of charge. EFL India sponsors 75 of the school's total 250 student count, taking care of both their education and meals. EFL India also organized a creative and interactive workshop "Spark" to engage with the children, a first step in a programme we hope to continue and strengthen.

EFL India's newest project is with Future Family for Children, a private, non-profit, non-sectarian agency operating homes that care for women in need, mentally and physically challenged children as well as orphans. This alliance will lead to a Training Centre under the Learn to Earn project that will focus on helping physically and intellectually disabled children become financially independent.

Sri Lanka

A dedicated volunteer team of 65 EFL staff members have taken on a project to support and develop a school and uplift the lives of the community in the Meethotamulla area in Sri Lanka. The project is phased in three stages, beginning with the development of Sri Rahula Vidyalaya Meethotamulla, followed by support for the families of the school's students, and development of the community.

The first phase of this project was initiated in November 2015 with an initial visit to the school. Volunteers cleaned the school premises and later provided support for the school's sports meet, a donation of almost 200 books to the school library, carried out renovation and repairs to the computer labs and other school facilities, and sponsored a volunteer teacher to work with the school.

Plans are currently underway to enhance the school's facilities and conduct training and development programmes for the children. This will soon be followed by phases 2 and 3.