From the runway straight to the wardrobe - for fast fashion, there’s no in between. We understand this crucial aspect of one of the world’s fastest moving industries and our solutions are tailored for this pace.

If your brand is to be trend right, its operational backbone needs to be strong. For the industry’s fast paced and consumer driven ethos with high frequency shipping needs, our portfolio of fashion solutions are driven by an understanding of changing trends and the importance of having products in store on time, every time.

Our clients are some of the biggest names in the fashion world, faithful to EFL’s on time deliveries and direct to store forwarding capabilities. Resident fashion retail specialists and a host of value addition facilities means your business will never be a step-or season-behind.

Origin Handling

EFL is ranked among the top 5 logistics solutions providers in the Indian sub-continent. Our service model is versatile and efficient, which enables it to overcome limited infrastructure and lengthy documentation procedures with ease. If you're moving into a new market we can replicate our model so we can support your move from the very beginning.

Presence in the most prominent sourcing markets in the world and experience in emerging markets that are still finding its feet both politically and administratively has instilled perseverance in the face of adversity as part of our spirit. We understand that your logistics must remain uninterrupted even in the most unpredictable environments.

The EFL team has always demonstrated agility and a willingness to tailor our presence to each country's work and social culture, making them a valuable tool in ensuring successful operations in the new markets we enter. Empowered to make quick decisions, always ready to step out of the box and quick to think on their feet, they are the backbone of our ability to thrive in new markets and environments.